Daycare statement
Joint Statements from the Boards of Directors of Canaries Daycares
Public Statement by Christopher Pattichis
Public Statement by Christopher Pattichis
Graduation 2015
Canaries Daycare Brossard cordially invites you to the End of the Year and Graduation Show.
Candy, foodstuff and allergies
Candy, chocolate bars and other sweets are strictly prohibited at the daycare, especially in the pockets of the children. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in the daycare, you must do so in collaboration with the administration.
Medication and Plastic Bags
All medications and health products must be handed into the office to a manager.
The Pattichis-Savvides Family in Mourning
The Pattichis-Savvides family sadly announces the passing of Charalampos “Pampos” Georgakis, of Larnaka, Cyprus.

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