Reminder: Illness absence protocols

Daycares, and especially the winter and spring months, see many germs and childhood diseases. It is important that we parents and child care providers work hand-in-hand for the well-being of our children.

It is therefore necessary to apply a protocol to do this:

- In the case that your child is sick and will not be present at the daycare, it is important to call us to notify us.

- If your child has been sick, you must give the educators details when you leave your child.

- If your child has a fever, you should keep him or her at home and preferably consult with the pediatrician. The daycare reserves the right to refuse to take your child if he is deemed ill or is contagious.

- Following a medical absence, either because you have kept your child at home or the educator has refused to take the child, a medical certificate will be necessary to be able to reintegrate the child in the daycare.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this Protocol may cause you, but this is done in order to ensure a healthy environment for all children.

We appreciate your collaboration.

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