Daycare statement

Joint Statements from the Boards of Directors of Canaries Daycares

The Boards of Directors of Canaries Daycare (Brossard) and Canaries II Educational Daycare (Lasalle) would like to announce to parents and to the general public that as of February 8th, 2017, Mr. Christopher Pattichis no longer holds any post or occupation at these daycares.  

For the sake of clarity, the daycares would like to inform the public that during Mr. Christopher Pattichis’ 14 year tenure at the daycare he occupied and administrative positions which he often did outside the daycare (from an outside administrative office or accounting office).  He would visit the daycares  only in an administrative capacity, working out of the daycare office. Mr. Christopher Pattichis has never had a post or occupation directly with the children.  

Furthermore, Mr. Christopher Pattichis has always had a valid certificate issued by the police confirming the absence of impediments, and has never had any criminal record.  


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